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Discover streamlined efficiency with the Everyday Planner, expertly crafted to enhance your productivity and organization. Compact and stylish, this B5 size planner fits perfectly in your bag or on your desk, ready to guide you through your daily activities.

The planner features a durable cover that combines practicality with professionalism, suitable for any setting. Inside, you’ll find high-quality pages designed for your daily planning, along with dedicated sections for to-do lists and personal notes.

Everyday Planner: Your Daily Organizational Companion

Maximize your productivity and streamline your day with the Everyday Planner, designed for those who want to keep their lives organized and their goals in sight. This compact, easy-to-carry planner measures a convenient 6×8 inches, perfect for slipping into a bag or keeping on your desk.

Crafted with a durable, stylish cover, the Everyday Planner withstands daily use while looking professional. Inside, you’ll find crisp, bleed-proof pages that cater to all your planning needs: daily, weekly, and monthly overviews, to-do lists, and a section for personal notes. Each day has ample space for appointments, reminders, and personal reflections.

Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18.2 × 1.5 cm


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